October 27th 2017

Artist Spotlight: Adventure Club

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Artist Spotlight: Adventure Club

There’s always been a distinguished dichotomy of bangers and more emotional moments within Adventure Club shows and productions. That dichotomy has defined Canada’s Adventure Club since they first emerged in 2010 and embarked on a wild ride to the upper echelon of electronic music.

Artist Spotlight: Adventure Club

“We’re going for a deep feeling,” Christian leaves off. “I’d love for someone to finish the album and walk away with a slightly altered perspective on a situation they’re in. Their eyes are open. Hopefully, it’s a formal of emotional inspiration that goes a little deeper. We want to put you in a different space where you take something new from it every time you listen.”

“We focus on writing songs first and foremost,” concludes Leighton. “It’s about maintaining that integrity to give the audience more, and the song becomes an experience.”

“We wanted to showcase our musical abilities in crafting songs you can listen to at night before going to bed as well as songs you can listen to before you go out and rage.”

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