October 27th 2017

Entry Lines For Freaknight

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Entry Lines For Freaknight

Safety First

With recent tragic events still fresh in our minds, it is important to note the importance of festival safety. At USC we work tirelessly with the venue and safety personnel to ensure you have a freaky time and not a frightening one.

Please keep in mind we must search everyone as they enter the venue to ensure said safety, and this means the potential for lines and wait times when entering the venue. We know waiting in line is not the most fun, but it is vital to ensuring you have a safe night! There are a few things you can do to improve your experience entering Freaknight, and we would recommend keeping these tips in mind when planning out your trip to the Sinister Circus.

Entry Lines For Freaknight
Entry Lines For Freaknight Purchase Lockers

Bring Warm Clothes For When Waiting

Odds are you will be waiting in line for at least a few minutes prior to your entry. Weather the week of Freaknight is shaping up to be cold and potentially wet, so make sure you plan to bring warm options for entering and leaving the festivities. Lockers and coat check options are available for you during Freaknight and we highly recommend utilizing one of those options so that you are comfortable all night long.

Keep Things Simple For Quick Entry

To make your entry to the venue go as smoothly as possible, please use your smart judgement and bring only what you need for your time inside the festival and when heading home. If something is questionable, just don’t bring it. Keep things as simple as possible to make your entry as quick as possible. You don’t want to get all the way through security only to find you can’t bring something in, leaving you with the option of tossing it or getting out of line to find a place to store it.

Avoid Rush Hour Times

Be mindful of when you plan to show up. We get it, you want to be fashionably late, but keep in mind everyone else does too. Arriving for the very start of the show often times helps avoid the peak entry times when the majority of festival attendees are arriving. Getting to the show early can not only save you time, but also let you experience more of the festival as a whole. This might seem like common sense, but a little pre planning can help you miss the busiest entry times.

Double Check That You Have A Valid ID

Nothing is worse than getting all the way through the line only to be denied entry because you do not have a valid form of identification. Double check the rules on ID’s to make sure you are good for getting into the venue. If you are unsure about what constitutes a valid form of identification, check out our news post on the subject via the button below!

See you soon at Freaknight Festival!

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