October 27th 2017

Freaknight Weather Forecast

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Freaknight Weather Forecast

Plan To Be Cold

It’s Freaknight week! The weather is shaping up quite nicely with no projected rain, but you know what that means! IT IS GOING TO BE COLD! With temperatures highs in the mid 60’s and lows at night in the mid 40’s planning accordingly is going to be key so that you are comfortable arriving and leaving the venue. After a night of dancing a sweating, walking out in to 40 degree weather is always quite abrasive.

Plan to bring warm clothing options for before and after the event. If you need a way to store your extra clothing during the event, you have a few options.

Coat Check

Coat check will be available inside WAMU for $5. This is a great way to layer up for entering the venue and then stripping down once inside. Be aware the coat check line is usually extremely long at the end of the night, so if you are looking for a quicker exit option you may want to look into locker options.

Freaknight Weather Forecast
Freaknight Weather Forecast


Lockers are a perfect way to store your extra clothing options and valuables while you dance the night away. Lockers are $15 for standard lockers and $20 for a charging variant. Lockers are great for groups, and have easy quick access at any point during the show. Reserve a locker for a simple, safe, and secure space to store all your show needs while you dance the day away!


Reserve A Locker