October 27th 2017

Freaky Message On Safety

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Freaky Message On Safety

I know it’s scary to believe, but we are only two weeks out from Freaknight 2017! As the event draws near, the importance of safety and community can not be stressed enough. We are all in this together, and only together can we make Freaknight 2017 an unforgettable night of epic frights and delights where everyone looks out for and takes care of one another. Your efforts are key to making all events safe.

Everyone at USC has a passion for dance music that goes far beyond just the music or just the event. Our united state of consciousness is a safety-minded one, and USC has an ongoing dedication to create the healthiest possible dance environment possible for all of you! We have a world class team of staff, medical personnel, and volunteers ready to help you out and keep you safe at all of our events, but at the end of the day safety starts with YOU. It is down to your personal accountability and responsibility for your own actions that will help keep you and everyone around you having an unforgettable night at Freaknight and events in the future.

Freaky Message On Safety

With that said, it is time once again to go over the many important points of The Message. Follow these guidelines (you could call them the 10 Commandments of Safe Festivaling if you prefer), and together we will ensure that our music, art, and culture stay positive…and most importantly safe.

Commandments of Safe Festivaling

  • Act responsibly. We are a community and we need to set our own boundaries.
  • The music doesn’t stop, but you should. Take breaks and pace yourself, dancing is hard work!
  • Take care of each other. If you see someone who could use help, don’t just walk by. Stop and talk.
  • Water equals life. We have free water readily available throughout the venue to replenish your body and keep you hydrated all night long.
  • On the dance floor, we’re all best friends. Keep an eye out for our volunteer rovers who’ll lend a hand if needed.
  • Our staff, security and medics never judge, so talk to them if you need help or see someone who does.
  • Those that get into illegal substances or alcohol trouble at events are often with friends who don’t know what to do. Washington State law protects you, so get help at the first sign of trouble.
  • It’s best to plan ahead so you have a safe and easy ride ready at the end of the night. If your plan falls through, our staff can help you make arrangements to get home safely, just ask!
  • Burning calories requires energy. Your body needs sustenance before the fun begins, so eat a hearty meal! Vendors will be available if you get hungry throughout the night.
  • We care about you even when you’re not at an event. Our culture is all about celebrating life. Keep the vibes positive and we’ll see you on the dance floor!

USC Events is committed to electronic dance music and its fans. We will do everything in our power to ensure that everyone who comes to our club events and festivals returns home safely. We will set clear expectations about behavior and emphasize that help is always available and nearby. We also encourage fans to take responsibility for their own actions. Together, we will ensure our music, art and culture stays positive.