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October 26th 2018

Get To Know The Sinister Support

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Get To Know The Sinister Support

The Tripple Threat

Each year we strive to bring the biggest and best artists to FreakNight Festival, and that philosophy starts from the ground up. This year we have an all star lineup getting the party going for each of our stages. Get to know the three talented artists who you should definitely not miss for anything; Darrius, Kendoll, and Quackson.

Get To Know The Sinister Support


The creation of music, or art of any style, will succeed with courage and a great deal of style, so it is without surprise that DARRIUS was vaulted into wide recognition throughout Seattle shortly after he began his music career in 2009. His effectual melodic sets, exalted by his effervescent stage presence, are no doubt a result of his deep passion and dedication to electronic dance music. Focusing first with melody, DARRIUS pours his heart into his music in personal expression, and those who’ve witnessed his performances are plugged into a sensually-captivating experience, coated by his electrically-charged positive attitude at the helm of venues all across Washington.


Kendoll’s music pushes the boundaries of bassline house with a mixture of heavy UK groove. She started her career off in Seattle, Washington at the age of 17 and took the whole city by storm. Within a couple of years, Kendoll started smashing dance floors around Portland, Santa Barbara, and all of Seattle. Releasing tracks on Four 40 records, Build It records, Audiophile XXL, OKNF, and 3000 bass, Kendoll has had a steady release schedule putting out tunes all around the spectrum of house music. This girl has recently been making quite a few appearances on Space Yacht lineups in LA for acts such as Golf clap, Dateless, Codes, Kill Frenzy, and Eyes Everywhere.

Get To Know The Sinister Support
Get To Know The Sinister Support


Jackson Wells, aka “Quackson,” is a DJ/producer hailing from Seattle, WA. He is a founder of Seattle-based music and artistic collective at Waves Presents and helps curate events centered around electronic music. Specializing in a variety of bass music subgenres, he is sure to bring you the low frequency tunes that will warp your brain accordingly. Drawing influence from artists such as K?d, Rezz, and Zeds Dead, Quackson throws his own unique spin on music to bring an eerie, yet grimy twist.