October 27th 2017

Keeping Hydrated at Freaknight

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Keeping Hydrated at Freaknight

Keeping Hydrated at Freaknight

Water Is Life

Staying hydrated is one piece to the puzzle that is having a safe a responsible time at Freaknight Festival. Dancing is scary hard work, and while you might feel as though you are fine, your body might actually be dehydrated. Here are a few tips and tricks for you to ensure you stay hydrated and dancing all freakin’ night long.


Keep water with you while on the dance floor

Hydration packs might not be allowed into WAMU Theater, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have options. You can bring in empty USC metal water bottles or even a clear 12oz water bottle that you can refill at one of our multiple free water stations. Keep one on you at all times, and when you run out, make sure you go top off your bottle.

Hydrate Before The Event

Now we aren’t saying chug gallons of water before entering the venue, but at the same time some thoughtful preparations can go a long way to keeping you feeling healthy all night long. This philosophy extends to eating properly before the event. Salty foods or drinks with electrolytes will help you retain water and keep you feeling good longer.

Keeping Hydrated at Freaknight
Keeping Hydrated at Freaknight

Take Breaks

Making sure you take breaks will help with your goal of keeping hydrated. You sweat a lot while dancing, and allowing your body time to cool down and recover only adds to your ability to keep hydrated all event long.

Drink Water While Drinking

This is for you 21+ attendees. Alcohol dehydrates you rapidly. While you might be feeling the buzz from that last mixed drink, you are actually getting progressively less and less hydrated. Making sure you are consciously drinking some water to offset any alcohol you may also drink is a smart way to keep yourself hydrated as the night progresses.