Thank You! | FreakNight Festival

October 26th 2018

Thank You!

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Thank You!

Did you feel it? That unexplainable enigmatic energy that manifested in our midst, slowly creeping into every corner of our consciousness whispering promises of the freakiest kind. Fears of old resurfaced as sinister sights and sounds moved in around us, ushering us deeper into the night. Our screams of fight quickly gave way to screams of delight as the Sinister Circus began to reveal its secrets to us. From the madness of the asylum to the twists of the big top, tonight we all embraced out inner freak and let our wicked fun run rampant in each of our harrowing hearts.

Thank you to each and every sinister soul who joined us and made this FreakNight Festival the freakiest yet! Tonight, Seattle’s freaks came out in force. Your screams of delight will ring through these haunted halls for years to come.

We want to wish a special thank you to all of the artists, the WAMU Theater staff, our security staff, the amazing medical team, Conscious Crew, our vendors, and every volunteer that has spent countless hours bringing our creepy carnival to life these past few months. FreakNight would not be possible without each and every one of you.

The time has come for the Sinister Circus to fade back into the darkness until next year. Please get home safe and we will see you all again very soon to ring in the new year together at Resolution!

Thank You!